30 November 2009

She moves through moonbeams slowly

I haven't updated this in a while.  I guess you could say I have been busy.

I haven't been feeling too great emotionally lately.  I'm just really stressed about money and the whole trying to go back to school thing.  I need to get my old loans paid off right away, but of course don't have money for it.  I need to get my stupid KU transcripts sent to KSU & get approved by January, but I can't get them sent until my loans are paid off.  Then I need to file for financial aid.  It's just not going to happen.  I can't come up with the money that quickly.  I worry I won't get approved by KSU anyway, because I got such crappy grades before.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do if I don't get in.  I might go back to Kansas anyway, and just work & live there.  Jamie mentioned that I could move to Arvada because it's cheaper there.  Then I could just work & live there and stay close to her.  But then I think... am I going to be better off staying here?  Or would I be better off going back to Kansas and seeing if I can be happy there again?  I'd love to move somewhere that's not here or Kansas, but I don't know how I would handle being away from all of my family.

Mom, Lynn & the twins came out for Thanksgiving.  It was fun to have them around.  I miss them so much when I don't see them for months at a time.  I played some basketball with Logan (and Jason once).  Logan trained me on free throws.  I believe I shoot quite a bit better now than I did before we got to hang out.  He and Lynn watched some of the Nuggets game with me Friday night.  They both fell asleep:

Kaitlyn and mom helped me make Denver Nuggets cupcakes.  I missed a lot of the first half, so I watched it again Saturday.

We spent a lot of time over at Jamie's, where everyone got to play with Lainey.  Neither Jamie nor myself got many pictures.  She was busy in the kitchen and I was busy trying to just enjoy the time with my family.  Lainey really liked everybody, though.

We ate some yummy food on Thursday.  Jamie and Jason are great cooks.

Thursday night we (at least the twins & I) went to bed around 9.  We had trouble falling asleep.  I think we were all hyper or something.  I'm not sure what time we actually fell asleep.  We planned to wake up at 3:45 (that's what time I had my alarm set for).  Somehow, Logan had an alarm go off at 2.  We tried to go back to sleep but couldn't.  So after getting probably 4 hours of sleep, we were awake.  Around 3 something we heard mom & Lynn moving around upstairs so got out of bed and went up there.  We all left before 4 for Black Friday shopping.  I waited in line at Best Buy for 2 hours, with the twins and mom taking turns standing with me.  Lynn was in line at Office Depot in case we couldn't get the computer they wanted at Best Buy.  It was cold after a while, but I enjoyed the people.  We got it.  While mom & Lynn were in line to get the computer, then to check out, Logan, Kaitlyn & I played around in the musical instruments room.  I got tired of that and we still had about an hour to wait, so we went next door to Wal Mart.  We walked around just a tiny bit.  It was too crowded.  I did find some $2 DVDs I wanted, so I stood in line to check out for about half an hour with those.  The twins stood with me for a while, then I gave them some money to go into McDonalds to get a drink.  They came back for a few minutes, then went and sat in McDs until I was done.  Then we went back to Best Buy, got the keys, put my DVDs in the car & went back in Best Buy for a bit till mom & Lynn were done.

By the time we got back home I was starting to get grumpy.  Kaitlyn and I decided we'd make the cupcakes so they would be ready to decorate that night.  We started measuring things & cracking eggs when mom came in and told us we were going to Jamie's right then.  So we put our stuff aside and left.  We took my car in case I decided I wanted to go to work (I didn't, my wrist was too sore). We got to Jamie's house, then all of us girls left for Old Navy, BBB & KMart.  I was tired of shopping by this point and wished I would have stayed home with the boys.  We got back to Jamie's house and everyone was hungry so we had brunch at The Egg & I.  It was delicious.  After that we went back to Jamie's for a while.  Then us girls went to Target.  Then back to Jamie's.  Logan, Kaitlyn & I went to get the basketball out of the Envoy at the Antique Mall, thinking we were going to go find a rec center to play at.  I decided we didn't need to spend the $15+ to play basketball so we walked around the Antique place for a while, then went to 7 Eleven for slurpees, then stopped at Kohls to look around.  After that we went back to Jamie's to find that everyone was gone.  We decided to go to the park to play basketball.  We stayed there for about an hour & when we got back they were home.  We all hung out for a while, then mom & I went to Target to get some curtains she wanted there, then to Costco.  When we got back to Jamie's everyone was starting to eat leftovers from Thursday for dinner.  We all had dinner, then Kaitlyn & I left to head back to my house & start the cupcakes and watch the game.  Shortly after mom, Lynn & Logan got home.  We all hung out, making cupcakes and watching the Nuggets.  I'm not sure when we went to bed that night, but mom & I were the last ones up, watching the game.  I woke up aroud 6:30 Saturday and Kaitlyn, Logan & their stuff was out of my room.  I went upstairs and they were just gathering everything up and packing up the car.  They left around 7 & I thought I would go back to sleep, but I couldn't.  I spent all day Saturday sitting around the house watching movies.  I did the same thing until about 5 yesterday evening.  It was nice to have the house to myself for a couple of days and watch movies.