17 November 2009

If its all over, just tell me so...

I applied to Kansas State University on Sunday.  My goal is to move to Manhattan a couple months before August, and start school in the fall 2010 semester.  I was super super excited about it all.  Yesterday, though, I found out that KU won't release my transcripts.  I have to pay the last $1164.46 on my Perkins Loans I had to go to school there before they will release them.  This totally ruined my excitement.  I hate KU & how rude their employees are.  At this point I pretty much have to not buy anything I might need or want.  I have to put all money possible towards that $1100 to get it paid off.  I need it done ASAP so I can get my transcripts released, and so hopefully I will also be able to get new financial aid so I can actually go to KSU.  That means not paying the dentist as quickly as I hoped, which means having a very large debt.  That means one tiny tiny little xmas gift for the babies, and absolutely nothing else.  That means no being able to afford stuff to make cookies/candy for Christmas.  That means Christmas being completely crappy for me, because making candy & cookies is my favorite part of it, especially since I'll probably be in Colorado.  At least I'll have the house to myself for a while... that will be nice.  I had requested time off work to go to KS.  If we end up not going, even though I need the money, I may still take the time off.  It would be nice to get to finally catch up on sleep.

Ugh.  I can't even type about it anymore because it just depresses me.