12 November 2009

My backbone is paper-thin

Yesterday was a fun day.  Erica, Josie & I went to the zoo in the morning.  We got to see one of the red pandas (I believe Sophia, the mother).  The rest didn't come out.  I did get a few pictures of her, though.

We also saw the elephants:

Of course, we saw other animals also.  Josie really loved the Harbor Seals.  I just wanted to go back to the red pandas.  I swear someday I'm going to go myself and just sit there by them all day.

After that we came home for a while.  I went to the dentist and got 2 more fillings.  The dentist told me all about my teeth & fillings.  He took me in his office to read me an article on fillings and stuff too.  I go back again next Thursday. 

After I got back from the dentist we went to Kohls so Erica could try to do a little shopping. 

We went for a walk, came home and waited for Tim to get home.  Right when he walked in the door, Erica & I left.  We went to the Double Happy Chinese restaurant for dinner.  It was the best Chinese food I have ever had.  I'm glad to know it's good, since it's so close.  Then we went to Boulder, walked around Borders & saw Where The Wild Things Are.  It was the cutest movie I have ever seen.  It was difficult not to cry at a couple of points.  I will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

While we were on our walk we had a nice, long talk about my future.  Basically what came of it is... I want to go back to school.  In Kansas.  I'm thinking in August, but I need to look into everything and talk to everyone and figure it all out.