01 November 2009

All you need is love

I went upstairs to get some water earlier and my niece reached for me.  She was pretty darn lovey with me for a while.  After dinner I started watching the Nuggets game upstairs since I could have it paused while we ate so I didn't miss anything.  My sister in law and brother came downstairs to do laundry & shave his head.  My niece sat in my lap and watched the game with me while they were downstairs.  She clapped when I got excited about us scoring a point.  She also started waving at Birdman when they showed him up close to shoot FTs. 

My day seems to have been much better than yesterday.  I think I was extra emotional yesterday, and just needed the break from my regular surroundings for a few hours today.

The Nuggets are currently winning by 9. Watching them on TV really makes me happy.  Maybe one day I'll have someone to take me to see a game live.