01 November 2009

I'm gonna find a way to keep this civilized

I spent the day at my sister's house with her, her husband (he was working so I didn't see him all that much) and their baby girl.  It was nice to be out of my house for the majority of the day.  We didn't really do anything, just sat around talking.  I need to get over there more often.  I'm going to go back next weekend to help with my niece while they test drive some vehicles.

Here's a photo of my sister & her little girl (I don't know why it looks so fuzzy):

I got home just a little bit ago, put away my stuff, uploaded some photos, checked email, etc.  It was a really pretty drive home, with the sun just starting to set.  I tried to enjoy it instead of thinking of the fact that I was on my way home when I didn't really want to come back.

I seem to feel bored most of the time when I'm at my sister's house, but at the same time I feel comfortable and at home.  I feel like I'm with FAMILY.  I feel like the people around me actually care about me.

I guess my mom, stepdad & younger siblings are coming out here for Thanksgiving (as long as the weather isn't bad).  I am really, really looking forward to it.  If they don't make it out (let's all hope they do, because I need them) it will still be a good holiday.  I had such a good time cooking Christmas dinner with my sister and her husband last year, and we'll be doing that for Thanksgiving this year.  It will, of course, be even better with more family here.  The current plan for Christmas is to go back to Kansas (riding with my sister & her family).  Again, the weather being bad will keep that from happening, so let's all hope that the weather holds up for that holiday also.

There is a Denver Nuggets game on in about half an hour.  I really enjoy watching them play, so it should be a decent evening (as long as my game isn't interrupted over & over).