19 November 2009

This is the last time I'm gonna kiss you

I fell in love today at work, with a 3 month old Swiss Mountain Dog.  His name is Barley or something like that... something with a B.  His owner is the son of one of the adult librarians.  They bought him in to show him off and the librarian was talking to some of the ladies and the guy and dog were waiting for her and the dog saw me and started bolting to me.  He was so excited to see me (didn't do that with anyone else).  I petted him for a long time and talked to the guy about how cute he is and stuff.  I was all outgoing (those that don't know, I'm usually a fairly shy person) cuz I was so in love with the dog.  Then they were going upstairs to show him off and he kept pulling back toward me when they started walking away.  Later, I was heading back to behind the desk as they were leaving and he started like... jumping towards me with excitement.  I think I RAN over to pet him again before they left and i told him to "be a good boy."  And then I was super happy for a few minutes, then super sad the rest of work because I missed him so bad.  I still do.    I have decided I'm going to ask the librarian where her son lives and if it's close, I'm going to tell her to tell him to let me come play with puppy.

Dentist.  Worst appointment of my life.  I am in so much pain.  My jaw on both sides is aching and it's radiating up into my head.  He had so much trouble with this stupid tooth.  He kept saying "oh Jennifer, oh Jennifer I'm not certain I can save this tooth,"  "oh Jennifer I'm so sorry this tooth just doesn't want to work with me," "oh that's a lot of blood," "oh Jennifer, breathe, breathe..." (because I was holding my breath a lot)  "jennifer? are you awake???"  They had trouble getting the dam up around the tooth cuz it was so stupid. It bled the whole time, apparently pretty bad. They had trouble getting me to go numb and oh my god he started drilling when I said I thought I was numb. I wasn't numb and if my mouth hadn't been held open by the brace thingy they put in it I would have started screaming.  Instead I grabbed his arm. It took forever.  He had to use some special stuff he mixed up to start the actual filling once he got it all drilled out. Then it didn't stay cuz my tooth got too wet, then he did it again.  An hour and a half later, it was filled. I guess there is practically no actual tooth there now, mostly just filling.

Apparently this was my last filling.  I owe them 510 dollars right now.  I need at least 2 crowns, possibly 2 on top of that.  I'm going to wait till I can pay down the 510 some to start those.  The receptionist (dentist's wife) gave me an estimate. Each crown at most will be $1205, and that's if I need buildup.  She said I probably won't on a couple of them. 955 w/out the buildup and of course she will "give me my usual discount" (whispered cuz other patients were around) since she doesn't have to file insurance for me.

That was my day.

Now I am starving.  All I have had to eat all day is a tiny little piece of birthday cake at work.  The worst part of it is... I can't eat.  If I'm still numb in an hour or 2 I'm going to go buy some instant mashed potatoes or something.


Dusty said...

Be careful with that tooth, I had one that was/is mostly filling and I'm going to have to have it replaced with an implant later this month. Which sucks. I'll have a grand total of FOUR now. Ugh.