15 December 2009

And if you think you are better than me you're right

Yesterday was really great.  Josie was in a pretty good mood for me the time that I had her, even though she still had a bit of a fever.  While she was napping I got to listen to a bunch of the new music Lint shared with me.  It is all such great music.  After her nap we went for a little walk outside.  We went back behind the house to watch the guys working.  After our walk, I noticed how crazy her hair was:

I realized I hadn't put her hair in a mohawk in quite a while I so I did that and took some more photos: (she only let me take a few before she wanted to be picked back up)

Tim and Erica both got home early and Tim and I left right away for Denver to see the Nuggets.  I had the best time ever at the game.  I wish I could go to every single one.  I also wish I could watch them from courtside.  I also wish I could play with them. Haha.  I finally got a Nuggets shirt (been searching for one for quite a while).  It was only $15.  They were like 25 everywhere else.

I had so much trouble sleeping last night.  I guess I was kind of still excited about the game (we won!).  I was also thinking about school. Worrying.  Thinking about how old I am going to be when I'm finished.  Wishing I had gotten it done a lot sooner.  Wondering if I even still want to go.  Etc.


Jamie said...

Maybe you can go to 1 more Nuggets game this season if you can find a good deal on a ticket on Craigslist. Craigslist rules!